Here are the steps required to get onto the Wegener chat room

How to obtain the IRC software

In order to get to the Wegener chat room you first must have the software to use. The following web sites carry IRC software. The web pages associated with each of the listed applications will contain instructions on how to install the software.

Windows 3.x (and AOL) Apps
Windows 95/98/NT Apps
IRCLE for Macintosh


If you are new to installing software on windows, or are unsure about it, we recommend obtaining the IRC software called mIRC, since the instructions below are specific to that software.


You will probably need to use the Windows 3.x (16-bit) version due to problems with AOL's software. If you find that AOL has finally fixed their software to work with 32-bit applications, please let me know by sending email to

How to setup the IRC software (or figure out if it is needed)

The software most of us use is called mIRC, and the instructions below are written mainly for that program, but you can still configure your IRC client, using the information below, if you use something other than mIRC.

On IRC, there are many different networks to choose from. A network is made up of a connected group of servers. Each network contains a set of channels, each is used for discussing a different topic. Here is an approximate diagram:

IRC Diagram

The network that we use is called Newnet. The latest version of mIRC is already setup to know how to connect to newnet. When you you first start up mIRC, you will get a license screen, followed by a screen titled mIRC Setup. There is a pull down box, near the top, use it to locate one of the Newnet servers. The mIRC Setup pop-up will look like this:

mIRC Setup Screen

If you are not using mIRC, it should have some method of setting up the servers that you want to connect to. If you see that one or more Newnet servers have been setup, then you do not need to do this step, so skip to the next section. Below is a list of Newnet servers that you can use to setup your system. We recommend the first one, the others are optional unless you have problems with the first one. If you have any trouble with this step, please send me email at

Description IRC Server Port
Random server 6667
Johannesburg, ZA, Africa 6667
Phoenix, AZ, USA 6667
Chicago1, IL, USA 6667
Chicago2, IL, USA 6667
Seattle, WA, USA 6667

These are really computers belonging to people and they often go down for repairs and such, so that is why more than one access to the Newnet network is needed. There are many more but these will get you started.


If you are using AOL, you will most likely have to change the default
port number from 6667 to 1024. (most Newnet servers will support this)

One last step for mIRC users is to fill in the following blanks on that screen. Full Name, E-Mail Address, Nickname, and Alternative. I suggest you use something unique that will still identify you easily to others. like my Jerry's nickname "jloon" is short for Jerry Looney, and mine, mclay is short for Mike Clay. If the nickname you select is already in use by someone else, then you will be asked to select another, so its best to use one that is unique even so far as to put a punctuation character in front of it such as ^mclay which happens to be my alternate.

Using the IRC software to connect to the chat room

If using mIRC, pull up the mIRC Setup window (shown above) and select a Newnet server from the list. Next, press the button labeled: Connect to IRC server. This will connect you to a server and the next screen will say mIRC Channels Folder. With other IRC clients, either select a Newnet server, or enter in a server and port from the list above.

Once you are connected to a Newnet server, you will need to select the channel that you wish to talk on. For mIRC, you will need to add the channel #wegener (note the # and no s at end of the channel name). Simply type the name into the text entry box at the top, and click the Add button. Finally, you can either double click the entry for #wegener, or you can simply select the entry and hit the Join button. An example of the mIRC Channels Folder is shown below.

mIRC Channels Folder

This room is registered and you will know it is the right one if there is a user (actually, just a "robot") already there called @Chanserv. This is a computer function and not really a person, but the fact that it is there will let you know that you are in the right place. Don't be alarmed if sometimes @Chanserv is not there, since again it is a computer and sometimes is down for maintenance and such. Below is a sample of what you screen should look like once you are connected.

mIRC Screen

Regular Chat Times

You probably already know our schedule to meet, but if not, it is:

Monday Night at 9:00pm Eastern Time / 6:00pm Pacific Time

For info about Time Zones:

Usually we have anywhere from 4-6 chatting and one time we got up to 8 at one time. So far there have been 14 different ones of us that have been in there chatting and getting acquainted. The chatting is not specifically devoted to WG all the time as we do "chat" about other things of interest. We all try to keep it light and upbeat without getting into a depressed state of mind.

Many thanks to Jerry Looney for the initial text for this page.